About time, 7 links and a little break…

(traduction en français dès le 15 septembre)

Oh la la… today, I am not again going to complain about time flying, about the fact that I would need to have 50 hours in my days, and how much I am missing my blog hopping time…

I might tell you a little bit about the delicious zucchini, feta and figs tart I prepared yesterday… You see, it was so good, that we ate half of it before I could take any decent pictures of it… You could try to imagine the sweetness of figs contrasting with the feta cheese, and the taste of zucchini blending with the roasted hazelnuts… but well, I won’t have time to write the recipe today….

I could announce that I will be taking a little break, because after a few extremely busy weeks, Mr Artichoke and I are heading off to a warm, sunny place…

Actually, what  I would like to do today, is to thank my dear Ayeesha from the beautiful blog Taste of Pearl City , who has recently tagged me in the 7-links blog game. Thank you so much, dearie!

This game  is asking bloggers to go back to previous posts on their blog and  review the following:
The most beautiful post
The most popular post
The most controversial post
The most helpful post
The post that was suprisingly successfull
The post that did not get the attention it deserved
The post that I'm most proud of
This has been a great occasion to re-discover some old posts! And I would like to thank you all for your support and all kind words, questions and comments.  I love every minute of this journey and really want to thank you for spending time reading this blog and sharing these tasty moments together!
Here is my selection:
The most beautiful post:
The most popular posts:

The most controversial post: as far as I know, none of them.
The most helpful post
Sugar Cookies (DB challenge)
Have you ever prepared a sugar cookie dough, chilled it and then got slightly (or totally) nuts while trying to roll it out? It had been a constant struggle between the hard chilled dough and my rolling pin. I can even say that usually the story did not have a happy ending…
And then… I joined the Daring Baker Challenge, and in September 2010 for her “decorated sugar cookies“,  Mandy gave us a piece of brilliant advise: first roll the dough, THEN refrigerate it, and finally, cut the cookies. Simple and clever idea, but until that day, all the recipe I came across were first chilling the dough and then (probably in an imaginary world…)  rolling it when it is as hard as a stone… All my gratitude goes to Mandy for this wonderful hint!
The posts that did not get the attention they deserved:
A few month ago, I hosted an event on Swiss cuisine and I tried to share my enthusiasm for the often unknown and ignored cuisine of my country… Well, the least that I can say it that it did not hit the spot… However, it has been the occasion for me to do some exploration of the Swiss Cuisine and I can already announce that I have quite a number of recipes that I want to share with you soon.
My brioche recipe is among the least visited page of the blog and it is a little sad. Brioche is a quintessential part of French “viennoiseries”, even if it is often a little outshadowed by her cousin, the croissant…
The post that I’m most proud of:
 Baklawas made from scratch (including the phyllo pasty): this was a recent Daring Baker challenge and being passionate about everything Middle-Eastern, especially food, I really felt I had achieved something when I first bit into one of them!
A very dear Iranian friend of mine taught me how to prepare tah-dig and she also told me that it was a kind of test for culinary skills… If you manage to produce a crunchy crust (which does not stick to the pot) then only you can be considered a good cook…
Now, I am forwarding the 7 links game to these talented bloggers:
Gen of Yummy
Will be back soon,
with love,
Sweet Artichoke/Vanessa

13 thoughts on “About time, 7 links and a little break…

  1. I think the challenge is a wonderful way to catch up on blogs that we have recently discovered and a way to find new ones that we didn’t know about. I really like the choices that you made. I too participated in the challenge and it was fun looking back at the posts that I had done.

  2. I absolutely love the look of those iranian sweets! I got to check out that recipe.
    I am so happy to see the ottolenghi cheesecake in this list, because I had so much fun making it along with you darling!
    *kisses* HH

  3. Lovely textured bread and thank you for posting the 7 link challenge. Good to know about your posts, everything looks lovely especially, loved that Iranian rice, have to try it soon

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