Friendship, green tea and a quotation…

(recette en français, en bas de la page)

Recently, one my friends put this nice quotation on her FB profile and as I really liked it, thinking that was definitely true and that many people could recognize themselves in it, I have decided to quote it on my blog, too:

Some people like to paint pictures, or do gardening, or build a boat in the basement. Other people get a tremendous pleasure out of the kitchen, because cooking is just as creative and imaginative an activity as drawing, or wood carving, or music“- Julia Child

The following recipe is thus dedicated to my friend Pearl Margareta, who is a great cook, a great painter and photographer, and like me, a lover of green tea.

I must confess that my only previous attempt of cooking with matcha tea – a steamed cake with matcha tea- had been a complete disaster! Yesterday, I decided to try to make a flan (custard/pudding/crème caramel) with macha tea. I am normally not a fan of plain flan because when they are home-made I find the egg taste too strong for my palate, so along with the tea, I added raspberries, too.

It came out really delicious. The taste of the tea was pleasant and raspberries gave the little “sauer quick” that I love.

Macha tea &  raspberries flan – Flan au thé matcha et framboises

ingredients for 6 ramekins:
2 eggs
3 dl milk (or soy milk)
2 tablespoon raw cane sugar
1 vanilla pod
2 teaspoon matcha tea
1 pinch of salt
100g raspberries


Pour the milk in a pot with the vanilla pod cut into two. Bring the milk to the boil and remove from the stove. Let it infuse for 15 minutes.
Preheat the oven at 160C.
Beat the eggs with the sugar and salt. Then pour the warm milk, mixing continuously.
Add the matcha tea and mix well.
Put some raspberries in each ramekins and pour the mixture over them.
Bake the ramekins au bain-marie (That is to say: put the ramekins in a dish half-full of water) at 160C for 40 minutes.

Flans au thé matcha et framboises:

ingredients pour 6 ramequins:
2 oeufs
3 dl lait (ou lait de soja)
2 c à s. sucre de cane brut
1 gousse de vanille
2 c. à c. thé  matcha
1 pincée de sel
100g framboises


Verser le lait dans une casserole avec la gousse de vanille coupée en deux. Porter à ébullition. Mettre de cote pour infuser pendant 15 minutes.

Prechauffer le four à 160C.

Fouetter les oeufs avec le sucre et la pincée de sel. Verser le lait chaud dessus en remuant sans cesse.

Ajouter le thé matcha et bien mélanger.

Déposer quelques framboises dans chaque ramequins et verser le mélange dans chaque ramequin. Cuire au bain-marie à 160C pendant 40 minutes.


4 thoughts on “Friendship, green tea and a quotation…

  1. Merci! 🙂 Sometimes I pretend I am Julia Child or Jacques Pépin when cooking!
    I will try this recipe, oh yes!

    Since two years I buy my green teas directly from the farmer in Kyoto, Japan (^.^)

    To taste their teas is like tasting excellent wines! In Summer I make Iced teas after their recipe! Mmmm! Very refreshing. See their Recipe link!
    Their teas are of excellent quality, and the customer service is also excellent. Nice information arrives about the seasonal work with the tea; today in an e-mail about signs of Spring, and about the first harvest! ” Shincha News Flash!” Interesting to read for a person living in Scandinavia, and beautiful photos, too! 🙂

    And the prices — for me it is cheaper to buy such quality from the farm in Japan; packages arrive 4 – 8 days after an order. It is impossible to find such high quality in the big town Stockholm. I have tried green teas (and that was their best!) from famous tea shops in Stockholm … but, those green teas tasted more like old hay, I’m sorry to say, or spinach or cucumber.

    Sometimes my nickname is Pearl Sencha! Now you know why! 😉

  2. I just wanted to make a quick comment to say GREAT blog!…..I”ll be checking in on a regularly now….Keep up the good work! 🙂

  3. Beautiful blog post, I really loved this post. I’ll be sure to forward this to a few friends who would, most likely, love to read over this post too. Found your blog through the Google search engine by the way, just figured I’d let you know. Great read!

  4. Wow, fantastic blog layout! How long have you been blogging for? The overall look of your website is wonderful, let alone the content!

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